• Dizzy Leopard's Goal

    The world is kind of awful right now! Being an adult with too many responsibilities definitely isn't helping that. Dizzy Leopard tries to give you the smallest bit of escape from that with cute and nostalgic items ☺

  • About the Artist

    Hello! I go by Dizzy Leopard and I'm the artist/designer of every product sold on here. I love love love making art. I've drawn nearly every day of my life and take pride in knowing it can make other people happy too ♡

What the heck is a Dizzy Leopard?

Dizzy Leopard is from the name of my avatar from the online Flash game Poptropica. It was my favorite game to hop on and escape into as a child and has been a comfort for me ever since. The character looks the way it does after I spent months perfecting the coolest look a 10 year old could imagine and I hold that close. Because Dizzy Leopard is so nostalgic and sentimental to me, I aim to create art that gives that same joy to others.

Then what's Dizzy Leopard Shop?

During the summer of 2020, I was stuck in quarantine with the rest of the world. I'm someone who has always had trouble with routine, so adjusting to such a drastic shift was extremely difficult. Then my childhood cat, Leo, passed away.

That's when I started Dizzy Leopard Shop. It was a way for me to connect with others, make art, bring joy, and keep me accountable with a schedule. Dizzy Leopard Shop has always been a way for me to ground myself and try to make others happy. I'm thankful every day for everyone who has supported me to make sure I'm able to do that.

꒰ Chowder, Elmo, and Leo ꒱

Very good, yet naughty boys. Fly high ♡