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If you are interested in buying more than one keychain, check out my Keychain Bundle Listing!

If your keychain appears to have scratches on it, fret not! It's likely just the clear plastic film that can be peeled off. If you'd like for me to peel it off before shipment, please check the box when adding it to your cart.

None of these designs will be restocked, so if you like one, get one!

All orders come with your keychain in a baggie, a thank you note, and a sweet treat. The sweet treat is purposefully chosen to not to have peanuts or animal products in it for everyone to enjoy ^^

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  • ✧*・゚ Shipping Info *・゚✧

    Orders will typically be shipped Mondays and Thursdays depending on order volume at the time. Plush and stickers are hand sewn and hand cut respectively, so they may take longer to ship.

  • * ・゚✧ Tracking Info ✧*・゚

    All orders are delivered via USPS unless another carrier is specifically requested before ordering. Tracking numbers will be most likely be updated the same night your package is shipped.

  • ✧Order Complications✧

    If you have an item that breaks, doesn't arrive to you despite receiving a tracking number, or any other complication, please reach out! I want to make sure you're happy with your order ☺

Customer Reviews

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Very cute, 12/10!!

They are very cute and well done!! I love the glitter layer on the keychains!!